Code Coverage for Verilog-A Models

COVA is a small tool for code-coverage metrics which fits to any Verilog-A simulator. It enhances like a preprocessor the Verilog-A code. This code can now be simulated like the behavioral model before. The results for the coverage are written in a log file and analyzed by a postprocessing script.

Finally the bundle comes with an analyzing tool "canalyze-fa" which graphically shows line coverage and branch coverage in the Verilog source code. 

We tested COVA with Spectre and Gnucap.It is written in Python.

You can download the tool, bundled with two small examples below.

Thanks goes to the developpers Florian Aul and Andreas Fürtig.

You can download also the slides from a Tutorial "Analog Coverage - Yesterday's Dreams, Today's REality and Tomorrow's Capabilities" about coverage for analog circuits held at the ANALOG 2018 conference.


Florian Aul