M. Sc. Mingyu Ma

Research interests

Formal Specification of Analog- und Mixed-Signal-System:

  • Machine-Readable Specification
  • Automatic Generation of Testbenches
  • Automatic Specification Validation
  • Circuit Synthesis based on Formal Specification
  • Analog Specification Description in XML -- ASDeX Version 1.0

Research projects


  • M. Ma, L. Hedrich, S. Steinhorst: "ASDeX-driven Analog Circuit Verification" (Abstract), Frontiers in Analog CAD (FAC'13), A Satellite Workshop of the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC'13), Berkley, CA, USA, Feb. 14-15th, 2013
  • M. Ma, M. Meissner, L. Hedrich: "A Case Study: Automatic Topology Synthesis for Analog Circuit from an ASDeX Specification", In proceedings of International Conference on Synthesis, Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Methods and Applications to Circuit Design 2012 (SMACD'12), 19-21 September 2012 in Seville, Spain.
  • M. Ma, L. Hedrich, Ch. Sporrer: "ASDeX: a formal specification for analog circuit enabling a full automated design validation", In journal "Design Automation for Embedded Systems", Springer, 2012, DOI: 10.1007/s10617-012-9088-8.
  • Design Bibliotheken im Wandel der Zeit oder wie kann die Synthese analoger Schaltungen bei der Bereitstellung von Design Bibliotheken helfen? by Christian Sporrer, Nilesh Mangaonkar, Mingyu Ma, 12. GMM/ITG-Fachtagung Analog 2011, 07-09 November 2011, in Erlangen, Germany
  • M. Ma, L. Hedrich, Ch. Sporrer: "A Machine-Readable Specification of Analog Circuits for Integration into A Validation Flow", Proceedings of conference on the Forum for Design Languages (FDL 2011), Oldenburg, Germany, 13-15 September 2011

Invited Talks

  • An Attempt: Specification Descriptions of AMS-Systems using an XML-Format. Mingyu Ma, Lars Hedrich, Christian Sporrer. 29 November 2010, IP-XACT Workshop 2010, Grenoble, France.